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MATHCOUNTS┬« is a 25-year-old nationwide program to encourage interest and involvement in mathematics among intermediate school students.  Each year about 500,000 students participate; many say it is the one of the most memorable experiences they had as a middle school student.  The mission of MATHCOUNTS is to increase enthusiasm for and enhance achievement in middle school mathematics.  All NCRJHS students are invited to participate in Pumpkin Pi.  Regular attendence at meetings is strongly encouraged, but not required for participation or selection on the team to represent NCRJHS.

The program includes the:

MATHCOUNTS Club (The NC 2009 Team achieved Gold Level Status)
Annual Competition. (The NC 2010 Team ranked 3rd place at chapter competition and will compete at state in March 2010)

Competition is just one aspect of MATHCOUNTS; participation in the club does not require participation in the competition. A more important aspect is the development of math skills so that bright students have the tools to solve complicated problems. This is often the first time that students get concrete evidence that they are exceptional. Being first is not important. Learning to do your best under pressure is important. This benefits students throughout school and life.

Success at the competition involves five parts:

1. Learn the math concepts used in MathCounts problems.
2. Learn the 4-step approach to problem solving, and about the different types of strategies.
3. Learn the Competition Components andCompetition Rules.
4. Attend meetings to do the warm-ups and work-outs, problems similar to the competition.
5. Practice, practice, practice. (Successes in many of the competition components arise simply from how fast you can do the problems accurately.)

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Team advances to state competition.

Feb. 6 2010 Anji Krishnan placed 2nd overall at the chapter competition.

2009 Club achieves Gold Level Status

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